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A word sense relation is a semantic relation between word senses.



  • (Matthews, 2007) ⇒ Peter H Matthews. (2007). “Oxford Concise Dictionary of Linguistics." Oxford University Press. ISBN:0199202729
    • QUOTE: The relation between a part of an utterance and an individual or set of individuals that it identifies. Thus one might say on some specific occasion, 'That man is my brother', where the phrase that man is used as a referring expression whose referent is a specific man whose identity one's addressee must either know or be able to determine. ... Distinguished by philosophers from sense(2), and by Lyons especially from denotation. E.g. the man is a phrase that, in such as utterance, is used to refer to a man; the noun man, as a lexical unit, denotes a class of individuals that are thereby called 'men', and has a sense distinguished, in a network of sense relations, from those of woman, boy, elephant, etc. But these distinctions are not needed for all purposes, and actual usage, as in many entries in this dictionary is more fluid. ...

      ... sense relation Any relation between lexical untis within the semantic system of a language: cf. sense (2). ... antonymy; complementarity; converse terms; hyponymy; incompatibility; meronymy; synonymy.