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An Asymptotic Analysis Task is an analysis task that ...



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    • In mathematical analysis, asymptotic analysis is a method of describing limiting behavior. The methodology has applications across science. Examples are
      • In applied mathematics, asymptotic analysis is used to build numerical methods to approximate equation solutions.
      • in computer science in the analysis of algorithms, considering the performance of algorithms when applied to very large input datasets.
      • the behavior of physical systems when they are very large, an example being Statistical mechanics.
      • in accident analysis when identifying the causation of crash through count modeling with large number of crash counts in a given time and space.
    • The simplest example, when considering a function f(n), is when there is a need to describe its properties as becomes very large. Thus, if f(n) n2+3n, the term 3becomes insignificant compared to 2, when is very large. The function f(n) is said to be "asymptotically equivalent to n2 as → ∞", and this is written symbolically as f(n) ~ n2.