Informal Knowledge Base

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A Informal KB is a Knowledge Base that contains information which may not follow strict data or information standards.

  • Context:
    • It can (typically) be composed of unstructured or semi-structured data.
    • It can (typically) include data from sources like user-generated content, blogs, or discussion forums.
    • It may not follow strict data normalization standards.
    • It can be more prone to inconsistencies and ambiguities as compared to formal knowledge bases.
    • It can provide richer context in some cases due to the inclusion of informal language and colloquial terms.
    • It may require more sophisticated information retrieval and natural language processing methods for analysis.
  • Example(s):
    • A collection of user reviews and comments about restaurants.
    • A compilation of discussion threads from a technical forum.
    • A set of notes and observations made by a researcher.
  • Counter-Example(s):
  • See: Natural Language Processing, Data Normalization, Semantic Web, Knowledge Base.