Morphological Analysis System

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A Morphological Analysis System is a natural language processing system that implements a morphological analysis algorithm to solve a morphological analysis task.





This process will usually assign syntactic categories to all the words in the sentence. Consider the word “prints”. This word is either a plural noun or a third person singular verb (he prints )(...)

Morphological analyzer and morphological generator are two essential and basic tools for building any language processing application. Morphological Analysis is the process of providing grammatical information of a word given its suffix. Morphological analyzer is a computer program which takes a word as input and produces its grammatical structure as output. A morphological analyzer will return its root/stem word along with its grammatical information depending upon its word category. For nouns it will provide gender, number, and case information and for verbs, it will be tense, aspects, and modularity(...)

Various NLP research groups have developed different methods and algorithm for morphological analysis. Some of the algorithms are language dependent and some of them are language independent. A brief survey of various methods involved in Morphological Analysis includes the following: