Ontology Merging Task

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An Ontology Merging Task is a database merging task whose inputs are ontologies.




  • (Obitko, 2007) ⇒ (2007) http://www.obitko.com/tutorials/ontologies-semantic-web/operations-on-ontologies.html Translations Between Ontologies in Multi-agent Systems - Ontology Operations].” PhD Thesis, Czech Technical University
    • It is possible that one application uses multiple ontologies, especially when using modular design of ontologies or when we need to integrate with systems that use other ontologies. In this case, some operations on ontologies may be needed in order to work with all of them. We will summarize some of these operations. The terminology in this areas is still not stable and different authors may use these terms in a bit shifted meaning, and so the terms may overlap, however, all of these operations are important for maintenance and integration of ontologies.
      • Merge of ontologies means creation of a new ontology by linking up the existing ones. Conventional requirement is that the new ontology contains all the knowledge from the original ontologies, however, this requirement does not have to be fully satisfied, since the original ontologies may not be together totally consistent. In that case the new ontology imports selected knowledge from the original ontologies so that the result is consistent. The merged ontology may introduce new concepts and relations that serve as a bridge between terms from the original ontologies.
      • Mapping (...)