1973 ProblemsInIR

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Subject Headings: Information Retrieval, Semantic Relation.


  • Advocates a relational approach to document representation for traditional IR indexing.
  • Describes nine relations
    • Concurrence Relation - the mere concurrence or juxtaposition of one thing with another … it is alose used for the relation of bibliographic form, e.g. a textbook on geology Concurrence(Textbook, Geology)
    • Equivalence Relation - for the expression of equivalence in whole or part. It is used for trade names, synonyms or something that is acting as something else, e.g. (vacuum cleaner/Hoover); and (grain boundaries/sinks) for grain boundaries acting as sinks.
    • Distinctness Relation - (a) awareness of difference, e.g. equifaxed as distinct from needle-linke (needle-like/equifaxed); (b) substitutes or imitations, e.g. (surface/replica) for replica of the surface, (phosphate/carbonate) for carbonate substitued for phosphate.
    • Self-Activity Relation - (a) the intransitive verb situation, e.g. (metal/ageing, natural), as distinct from metal undergoing the treatment of ageing.
    • Dimensional Relation - (a) position in time or space, e.g. (cyclotron/Berkley), (exploding/1PM); (b) temporary state, e.g. (sodium chloride/crystal) for crystalline sodium chloride; (c) temporary (variable) properties, e.g. (crystallizing/rate) and (solution/concentration.)
    • Reaction Relation - the action of a thing or process on another thing or process, e.g. (water/heating), (iron/water), (precipitation,studying).
    • Association Relation - various forms of association; (a) unspecified association, e.g. (pregnant rat, foetus); (b) agent of a process, e.g. (heating, flame); (c) abstract, indirect or calculated properties, e.g. (cake/sweetness), and (iron/hardness); (d) past or potential process, e.g. (plastic/moulding) for moulded plastic.
    • Appurtenance Relation - (a) part-whole relation, e.g. (bicycle/wheel) and (alloy/silver). (b) physical (intrinsic) properties, e.g. (copper/electrical conductivity) and (water/density).
    • Causation Relation (Functional Dependence) - the relatino of A causing B or B arising out of A, e.g. (cateria/disease) and (iron ore/iron).

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The use of a structured system of storing information, particularly relational indexing, can lead to situations in which items would not be retrieved due to technicalities of the system. To overcome such problems a study was made of condensations with the aim of providing a series of rules to apply.



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