1997 ATrainableRuleBasedAlgForWordSeg

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Subject Headings: Word Segmentation Algorithm, Trainable Rule-based Algorithm.


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This paper presents a trainable rule-based algorithm for performing word segmentation. The algorithm provides a simple, language-independent alternative to large-scale lexical-based segmenters requiring large amounts of knowledge engineering. As a stand-alone segmenter, we show our algorithm to produce high performance Chinese segmentation. In addition, we show the transformation-based algorithm to be effective in improving the output of several existing word segmentation algorithms in three different languages.


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1997 ATrainableRuleBasedAlgForWordSegDavid D. PalmerA Trainable Rule-based Algorithm for Word SegmentationProceedings of the ACL 1997 Conference10.3115/976909.9796581997
AuthorDavid D. Palmer +
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journalProceedings of the ACL 1997 Conference +
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