1997 IntelligencePersonalityInterests

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Subject Headings: Intelligence Assessment, Intellectual Capability, Human Personality, Personal Interest.




  • The authors review the development of the modern paradigm for intelligence assessment and application and consider the differentiation between intelligence-as-maximal performance and intelligence-as-typical performance. They review theories of intelligence, personality, and interest as a means to establish potential overlap. Consideration of intelligence-as-typical performance provides a basis for evaluation of intelligence-personality and intelligence-interest relations. Evaluation of relations among personality constructs, vocational interests, and intellectual abilities provides evidence for communality across the domains of personality of J. L. Holland's (1959) model of vocational interests. The authors provide an extensive meta-analysis of personality-intellectual ability correlations, and a review of interest-intellectual ability associations. They identify 4 trait complexes: social, clerical/conventional, science/math, and intellectual/cultural.


 AuthorvolumeDate ValuetitletypejournaltitleUrldoinoteyear
1997 IntelligencePersonalityInterestsPhillip L. Ackerman
Eric D. Heggestad
Intelligence, Personality, and Interests: Evidence for overlapping traitsPsychological Bulletin 1997http://www.psycnet.org/journals/bul/121/2/219.pdf1997