1999 NamedEntRecogWithoutGazetteers

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Subject Headings: Protein NER, Named Entity Recognition Task.


  • It propose a five-step "Sequence Strategy
    • Sure-fire rules: e.g. Only if a word or string of words occurs in an unambiguous context
    • First partial matching
    • Rule relaxation
    • Second partial matching
    • Title assignment

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It is often claimed that Named Entity recognition systems need extensive gazetteers --- lists of names of people, organisations, locations, and other named entities. Indeed, the compilation of such gazetteers is sometimes mentioned as a bottleneck in the design of Named Entity recognition systems. We report on a Named Entity recognition system which combines rule-based grammars with statistical (maximum entropy) models. We report on the system's performance with gazetteers of different types and different sizes, using test material from the MUC-7 competition. We show that, for the text type and task of this competition, it is sufficient to use relatively small gazetteers of well-known names, rather than large gazetteers of low-frequency names. We conclude with observations about the domain independence of the competition and of our experiments.



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1999 NamedEntRecogWithoutGazetteersAndrei Mikheev
Marc Moens
Claire Grover
Named Entity Recognition Without GazetteersProceedings of the ninth conference on European chapter of the Association for Computational Linguisticshttp://aclweb.org/anthology/E/E99/E99-1001.pdf10.3115/977035.9770371999