2001 MulticlassCancerDiagUsingTumorGeneExpr

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Subject Headings: Multiclass Classification Task.


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~1070 http://scholar.google.com/scholar?cites=3873526504974074566



Support Vector Machine (SVM) Algorithm and One vs. All (OVA) Classification Scheme.

  • … In going from binary to multiclass classification, we used an OVA approach (described in Results). Given m classes and m trained classifier)s, a new sample takes the class of the classifier with the largest real valued output class = arg maxi=1...m fi, where f i is the real valued output of the ith classifier. A positive prediction strength corresponds to a test sample being assigned to a single class rather than to the “all other” class.



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Multiclass Cancer Diagnosis Using Tumor Gene Expression Signatureshttp://www.pnas.org/content/98/26/15149.long10.1073/pnas.211566398