2002 GATEaFramework

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Subject Headings: GATE System, ANNIE System, Information Extraction System.


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In this paper we present GATE, a framework and graphical development environment which enables users to develop and deploy language engineering components and resources in a robust fashion. The GATE architecture has enabled us not only to develop a number of successful applications for various language processing tasks (such as Information Extraction), but also to build and annotate corpora and carry out evaluations on the applications generated. The framework can be used to develop applications and resources in multiple languages, based on its thorough Unicode support.,

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2002 GATEaFrameworkHamish Cunningham
Diana Maynard
Kalina Bontcheva
Valentin Tablan
GATE: A Framework and Graphical Development Environment for Robust NLP Tools and ApplicationsProceedings of the 40th Anniversary Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguisticshttp://gate.ac.uk/sale/acl02/acl-main.pdf2002