2002 MnMontologyDrivenToolForSemMarkup

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Subject Headings: MnM Semantic Annotation System, Semantic Annotation System.


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An important precondition for realizing the goal of a semantic web is the ability to annotate web resources with semantic information. In order to carry out this task, users need appropriate representation languages, ontologies, and support tools. In this paper we present MnM, an annotation tool which provides both automated and semi-automated support for annotating web pages with semantic contents. MnM integrates a web browser with an ontology editor and provides open APIs to link to ontology servers and for integrating information extraction tools. MnM can be seen as an early example of the next generation of ontology editors, being web-based, oriented to semantic markup and providing mechanisms for large-scale automatic markup of web pages.


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2002 MnMontologyDrivenToolForSemMarkupMaria Vargas-Vera
Enrico Motta
John Domingue
Mattia Lanzoni
Arthur Stutt
Fabio Ciravegna
MnM: Ontology Driven Tool for Semantic MarkupProceedings of the Workshop Semantic Authoringhttp://projects.kmi.open.ac.uk/akt/publication-pdf/vargas-saakm02.pdf10.1007/3-540-45810-7_342002