2006 ConversionOfWordNetToRDFOWL

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Keywords: WordNet, RDF, OWL, Lexical Ontology.




  • This paper presents an overview of the work in progress at the W3C to produce a standard conversion of WordNet to the RDF/OWL representation language in use in the SemanticWeb community. Such a standard representation is useful to provide application developers a high-quality resource and to promote interoperability. Important requirements in this conversion process are that it should be complete and should stay close to WordNet’s conceptual model. The paper explains the steps taken to produce the conversion and details design decisions such as the composition of the class hierarchy and properties, the addition of suitable OWL semantics and the chosen format of the URIs. Additional topics include a strategy to incorporate OWL and RDFS semantics in one schema such that both RDF(S) infrastructure and OWL infrastructure can interpret the information correctly, problems encountered in understanding the Prolog source files and the description of the two versions that are provided (Basic and Full) to accommodate different usages of WordNet.

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2006 ConversionOfWordNetToRDFOWLMark van Assem
Aldo Gangemi
Guus Schreiber
Conversion of WordNet to a standard RDF/OWL representation.LREC 2006http://www.sdjt.si/bib/lrec06/pdf/165 pdf.pdf2006