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Subject Headings: Knowledge-Bearing Passage, Definitional Passage.


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In this study, we focus on extracting knowledgeable snippets and annotating knowledgeable documents from Web corpus, consisting of the documents from social media and We-media. Informally, knowledgeable snippets refer to the text describing concepts, properties of entities, or relations among entities, while knowledgeable documents are the ones with enough knowledgeable snippets. These knowledgeable snippets and documents could be helpful in multiple applications, such as knowledge base construction and knowledge-oriented service. Previous studies extracted the knowledgeable snippets using the pattern-based method. Here, we propose the semantic-based method for this task. Specifically, a CNN based model is developed to extract knowledgeable snippets and annotate knowledgeable documents simultaneously. Additionally, a “low-level sharing, high-level splittingstructure of CNN is designed to handle the documents from different content domains. Compared with building multiple domain-specific CNNs, this joint model not only critically saves the training time, but also improves the prediction accuracy visibly. The superiority of the proposed method is demonstrated in a real dataset from Wechat public platform.



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2018 HierarchicalNeuralNetworkforExtPing Luo
Fen Lin
Qing He
Ganbin Zhou
Rongyu Cao
Xiang Ao
Leyu Lin
Hierarchical Neural Network for Extracting Knowledgeable Snippets and Documents