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Hello World! Yet another blog is born. This one, at, is by Gabor Melli and it is predictably the outcome of a New Year's resolution to create one blog entry per week through 2013. The resolution emerged on a whim the day before, on December 30th. On that day, while sitting at a Market Street facing tall-table at Amber Restaurant in San Francisco, I imagined that some person who had just walked by outside was or might have been Bill Joy (though I've not stumbled into any IT glitterati yet here in SF). What would I ask Bill, I wondered? Instead of running out and bothering him with some half-backed impromptu question, it would be better, I thought, for me read and react to his blog to better tap into any wise advice that he may have.

It turns out however that Bill Joy, like many other sages who'm I'd like to tap into, does not keep a blog. This is another example for me of another expert not openly sharing their knowledge. (Another future puzzle is how few people strive for wisdom). A search for blogs by other people of wise reknown I did not find any - aside from collections of published articles.

Despite evidence that blogging is not a wise way to spend one's time, I see how dedicating some regular time to blogging, rather than ad hocly journaling, can nurture my own knowledge and possibly be of use to others.

One way that I will measure this exercise is by counting the number of, relations ands that I add to my knowledge base. Also, at the end of each posting I will summarize some of my key justified beliefs.

Updated Beliefs
KB Updates

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