Common Sense Reasoning Task

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A Common Sense Reasoning Task is a reasoning task that involves common sense knowledges.




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    • Commonsense reasoning is the branch of Artificial intelligence concerned with simulating the human ability to make deductions about the kind of ordinary situations they encounter every day. This includes judgements about the physical properties, purpose, intentions and possible behavior of all ordinary things, such as people, cups, water, blocks, clouds, animals, and so on. A machine which exhibits commonsense reasoning will be capable of drawing conclusions that are similar to human's folk psychology (the innate human ability to reason about other people's intentions and mental states) or naive physics (the understanding of the physical world which every normal human child exhibits).

      There are several components to this problem, including:

      • Developing adequately broad and deep commonsense knowledge bases.
      • Developing reasoning methods that exhibit the features of human thinking, including the ability to:
        • reason with knowledge that is true by default
        • reason rapidly across a broad range of domains
        • tolerate uncertainty in your knowledge
        • take decisions under incomplete knowledge and perhaps revise that belief or decision when complete knowledge becomes available.
      • Developing new kinds of cognitive architectures that support multiple reasoning methods and representations.