Entity Mention Normalization Algorithm

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An entity mention normalization algorithm is a word mention reference resolution algorithm that can be implemented by an entity mention normalization system (to solve an Entity Mention Normalization Task).






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    • QUOTE: Cucerzan [8] uses Wikipedia data for named entity disambiguation. He first pre-processed a version of the Wikipedia collection (September 2006), and extracted more than 1.4 millions entities with an average of 2.4 surface forms by entities. He also extracted more than one million (entities, category) pairs that were further filtered down to 540 thousand pairs. Lexico-syntactic patterns, such as titles, links, paragraphs and lists, are used to build coreferences of entities in limited contexts. The knowledge extracted from Wikipedia is then used for improving entity disambiguation in the context of web and news search.
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    • QUOTE: Cucerzan [4] considers the entity normalization task for news and encyclopedia articles; they use information extracted from Wikipedia combined with machine learning for context-aware name disambiguation; the baseline that we use in this paper (taken from [11]) is a modification (and improved version) of Cucerzan [4]’s baseline. Cucerzan [4] also presents an extensive literature overview on the problem.
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    • Taken one step further, the goal of Gene Name Normalisation (GN) [2] is to assign a unique identifier to each gene name found in a text.