Auxiliary Verb

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An Auxiliary Verb is a Verb that is a Function Word.



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    • An auxiliary verb is a verb that adds functional or grammatical meaning to the clause in which it appears — for example, to express tense, aspect, modality, voice, emphasis, etc. Auxiliary verbs usually accompany a main verb. The main verb provides the main semantic content of the clause. [1] An example is the verb have in the sentence I have finished my dinner. Here, the main verb is finish, and the auxiliary have helps to express the perfect aspect. Some sentences contain a chain of two or more auxiliary verbs. Auxiliary verbs are also called helping verbs, helper verbs, or (verbal) auxiliaries. They may be glossed with the abbreviation AUX.
  1. The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, defines an auxiliary verb as "a verb used to form the tenses, moods, voices, etc. of other verbs." OED Second Edition, 1989. Entry for auxiliary.