Predicate Logic Sentence

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A Predicate Logic Sentence is a Logic Sentence with a Fixed Set of Predicate Formula Arguments that can be composed of Constants or Variables.




  • (Sammut & Webb, 2011) ⇒ Claude Sammut, and Geoffrey I. Webb. (2011). “Predicate.” In: (Sammut & Webb, 2011) p.781
    • QUOTE: A predicate or predicate symbol is used in logic to denote properties and relationships. Formally, if P is a predicate with arity n, and t1, …, tn is a sequence of n terms (i.e., constants, variables, or compound terms built from function symbols), then P(t1, …, tn) is an atomic formula or atom. Such an atom represents a statement that can be either true or false. Using logical connectives, atoms can be combined to build well-formed formulae in first-order logic or clauses in logic programs.



    • A function that returns either a true or false value.