Scientific Collaboration System

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A Scientific Collaboration System is a Collaboration System that supports a Scientific Collaboration Activity.



  • (Kim et al., 1993) ⇒ Won Kim, Yongmoo Suh, and Andrew B. Whinston. (1993). “An IBIS and Object-Oriented Approach to Scientific Research Data Management.” In: Systems Software, 23.
    • ABSTRACT: One of the major challenges in information systems technology is to build a system of scientific data bases and associated tools to assist collaborative research among scientists worldwide across a broad range of scientific disciplines. Two of the many important issues that'need to be addressed in meeting this challenge are the selection of a collaboration paradigm for the scientists and a technology for the management of a large-volume scientific data base. We propose the use of an issue-based collaborative exploration paradigm and an object-oriented data base technology for managing a large scientific data base