Difficult Conversation

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A Difficult Conversation is a discussion that involve negative emotion.

bereaved parent



  • (Polito, 2013) ⇒ Jacquelyn M. Polito. (2013). “Effective Communication During Difficult Conversations.” The Neurodiagnostic Journal, 53(2).
    • QUOTE: ... This brief paper will offer some suggestions for strategies to manage difficult conversations with employees. Mastering the skills of conducting difficult conversations is clearly important to keeping lines of communication open and productive. …


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    • QUOTE: ... Emotional, practical and psychosocial issues can act as real or perceived barriers for staff and bereaved parents. Education is required for midwives and obstetricians, to increase their knowledge to ensure accurate counselling, with due regard for the highly individual responses of bereaved parents. The contribution of perinatal pathologists to staff education and parental decision-making would be invaluable. …


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    • QUOTE: ... Stressful conversations are unavoidable in life, and in business they can run the gamut from firing a subordinate to, curiously enough, receiving praise. But whatever the context, stressful conversations differ from other conversations because of the emotional loads they carry. These conversations call up embarrassment, confusion, anxiety, anger, pain, or fear — if not in us, then in our counterparts. Indeed, stressful conversations cause such anxiety that most people simply avoid them. ...