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  • (Euler, 1770) ⇒ Leonhard Euler. (1770). “Vollständige Anleitung zur Algebra (Elements of Algebra).” Springer Science \& Business Media.

Subject Headings: Elementary Mathematics.


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    • Elements of Algebra is an elementary mathematics textbook written by mathematician Leonhard Euler and originally published in 1770 in German. Elements of Algebra is one of the earliest books to set out algebra in the modern form we would recognize today (another early book being Elements of Algebra by Nicholas Saunderson, published in 1740), and is one of Euler's few writings, along with Letters to a German Princess, that are accessible to the general public. Written in numbered paragraphs as was common practice till the 19th century, Elements begins with the definition of mathematics and builds on the fundamental operations of arithmetic and number systems, and gradually moves towards more abstract topics.

      In 1771, Joseph-Louis Lagrange published an addendum titled Additions to Euler's Elements of Algebra, which featured a number of important mathematical results.

      The original German title of the book was Vollständige Anleitung zur Algebra, which literally translates to Complete Instruction to Algebra. Two English translations are now extant, one by John Hewlett (1822), and the other, which is translated to English erom a French translation of the book, by Charles Tayler (1824).




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