1949 LettertoUAWPresidentWalterReuth

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Subject Headings: Mass Technological Unemployment.


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... As you will see, if you know of this book, I have been interested for a long time in the problem of automatic machinery and its social consequences. These consequences seem to me so great that I have made repeated attempts to get in touch with the Labor Union movement, and to try to acquaint them with what may be expected of automatic machinery in the near future. …

... This apparatus is extremely flexible, and susceptible to mass production, and will undoubtedly lead to the factory without employees; as for example, the automatic automobile assembly line. In the hands of the present industrial set-up, the unemployment produced by such plants can only be disastrous. …



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1949 LettertoUAWPresidentWalterReuthNorbert WienerLetter to UAW President Walter Reuther1949
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