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Subject Headings: Adaline Neural Network, Adaline Training System.


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A new circuit element called a “memistor” (a resistor with memory) has been devised that will have general use in adaptive circuits. With such an element it is possible to get an electronically variable gain control along with the memory required for storage of the system‘s experiences or training. Experiences are stored in their most compact form, and in a form that is directly usable from the standpoint of system functioning. The element consists of a resistive graphite substrate immersed in a plating bath. The resistance is reversibly controlled by electroplating.

The memistor element has been applied to the realization of adaptive neurons, Memistor circuits for the "Adeline" neuron, which incorporate its simple adaption procedure, have been developed. It has been possible to train these neurons so that this training will remain effective for weeks. Steps have been taken toward the miniaturization or the memistor element. The memistor promises to be a cheap, reliable, mass-producible, adaptive-system element.



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1960 AdaptiveAdalineNeuronUsingChemiBernard WidrowAdaptive "Adaline" Neuron Using Chemical "memistors"1960
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