1970 AnEfficientCFParsingAlgorithm

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Subject Headings: Earley Parser.




  • A parsing algorithm which seems to be the most efficient general context-free algorithm known is described. It is similar to both Knuth's LR(k) algorithm and the familiar top-down algorithm. It has a time bound proportional to n3 (where n is the length of the string being parsed) in general; it has an n2 bound for unambiguous grammars; and it runs in linear time on a large class of grammars, which seems to include most practical context-free programming language grammars. In an empirical comparison it appears to be superior to the top-down and bottom-up algorithms studied by Griffiths and Petrick.
  • A recognizer is an algorithm which takes as input a string and either accepts or rejects it depending on whether or not the string is a sentence of ...,

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1970 AnEfficientCFParsingAlgorithmJay EarleyAn Efficient Context-Free Parsing AlgorithmCommunications of the ACMhttp://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/user/alavie/11-711/711-cmt/Class-notes/p94-earley.pdf10.1145/362007.3620351970