1973 CocitationInTheScientificLiterature

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Subject Headings: Scientific Literature, Co-citation, Science Citation Index.


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A new form of document coupling called co-citation is defined as the frequency with which two documents are cited together. The co-citation frequency of two scientific papers can be determined by comparing lists of citing documents in the Science Citation Index and counting identical entries. Networks of co-cited papers can be generated for specific scientific specialties, and an example is drawn from the literature of particle physics. Co-citation patterns are found to differ significantly from bibliographic coupling patterns, but to agree generally with patterns of direct citation. Clusters of co-cited papers provide a new way to study the specialty structure of science. They may provide a new approach to indexing and to the creation of SDI profiles.


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1973 CocitationInTheScientificLiteratureHenry SmallCo-citation in the Scientific Literature: A new measure of the relationship between two documentshttp://polaris.gseis.ucla.edu/gleazer/296 readings/small.pdf10.1002/asi.4630240406