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  • (Taylor, 1974) ⇒ Paul W Taylor. (1974). “Principles of Ethics: An Introduction." Dickenson Publishing Company. ISBN:0822101424

Subject Headings: ethics; ethical egoism; principle of utility; psychological egoism; moral agent; moral beliefs; moral code; moral judgments; moral norms; moral principles.


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Ethics may be defined as philosophical inquiry into the nature and grounds of morality. The term "morality" is here used as a general name for moral judgments, standards, and rules of conduct. These include not only the actual judgments, standards, and rules to be found in the moral codes of existing societies, but also what may be called ideal judgments, standards, and rules: those which can be justified on rational grounds. Indeed, one of the chief goals of ethics is to see if rational grounds can be given in support of any moral judgments, standards, and rules, and if so, to specify what those grounds are.




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1974 PrinciplesofEthicsAnIntroductioPaul W TaylorPrinciples of Ethics: An Introduction08221014241974
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