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Subject Headings: Natural Language Interface.


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Aspects of an intelligent interface that provides natural language access to a large body of data distributed over a computer network are described. The overall system architecture is presented, showing how a user is buffered from the actual database management systems (DBMSs) by three layers of insulating components. These layers operate in series to convert natural language queries into calls to DBMSs at remote sites. Attention is then focused on the first of the insulating components, the natural language system. A pragmatic approach to language access that has proved useful for building interfaces to databases is described and illustrated by examples. Special language features that increase system usability, such as spelling correction, processing of incomplete inputs, and run-time system personalization, are also discussed. The language system is contrasted with other work in applied natural language processing, and the system's limitations are analyzed.



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1978 DevelopingaNaturalLanguageInterGary G. Hendrix
Earl D. Sacerdoti
Daniel Sagalowicz
Jonathan Slocum
Developing a Natural Language Interface to Complex Data10.1145/320251.3202531978
AuthorGary G. Hendrix +, Earl D. Sacerdoti +, Daniel Sagalowicz + and Jonathan Slocum +
doi10.1145/320251.320253 +
titleDeveloping a Natural Language Interface to Complex Data +
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