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Constructing natural language interfaces to computer systems often requires achievment of advanced reasoning and expert capabilities in addition to basic natural language understanding. In this paper the above issues are faced in the frame of an actual application concerning the design of a natural language interface for the access to online information retrieval systems. After a short discussion of the peculiarities of this application, which requires both natural language understanding and reasoning capabilities, the general architecture and fundamental design criteria of a system presently being developed at the University of Udine are then presented. The system, named IR-NLI, is aimed at allowing non-technical users to directly access through natural language the services offered by online data bases. Attention is later focused on the basic functions of IR-NLI, namely, understanding and dialogue, strategy generation, and reasoning. Knowledge represenetation methods and algorithms adopted are also illustarted. A short example of interaction with IR-NLI is presented. Perspectives and directions for future research are also discussed.



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1983 IRNLIAnExpertNaturalLanguageIntGiovanni Guida
Carlo Tasso
IR-NLI: An Expert Natural Language Interface to Online Data Bases10.3115/974194.9742001983
AuthorGiovanni Guida + and Carlo Tasso +
doi10.3115/974194.974200 +
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