2000 LTTTT

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Subject Headings: Surface Word Segmentation Task, Tokenization Algorithm, Tokenization System, LT TTT Tokenization System.




We describe LT TTT, a recently developed software system which provides tools to perform text tokenisation and mark-up. The system includes ready-made components to segment text into paragraphs, sentences, words and other kinds of token but, crucially, it also allows users to tailor rule-sets to produce mark-up appropriate for particular applications. We present three case studies of our use of LT TTT: named-entity recognition (MUC-7), citation recognition and mark-up and the preparation of a corpus in the medical domain. We conclude with a discussion of the use of browsers to visualise marked-up text.


 AuthorvolumeDate ValuetitletypejournaltitleUrldoinoteyear
2000 LTTTTAndrei Mikheev
Marc Moens
Claire Grover
Colin Matheson
LT TTT - A flexible tokenisation toolhttp://www.ltg.ed.ac.uk/papers/00tttlrec.pdf