2001 OnSpectralClustering

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Subject Headings: Spectral Clustering Algorithm, Affinity Matrix.


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Despite many empirical successes of spectral clustering methods - algorithms that cluster points using eigenvectors of matrices derived from the data - there are several unresolved issues. First, there are a wide variety of algorithms that use the eigenvectors in slightly different ways. Second, many of these algorithms have no proof that they will actually compute a reasonable clustering. In this paper, we present a simple spectral clustering algorithm that can be implemented using a few lines of Matlab. Using tools from matrix perturbation theory, we analyze the algorithm, and give conditions under which it can be expected to do well. We also show surprisingly good experimental results on a number of challenging clustering problems.


 AuthorvolumeDate ValuetitletypejournaltitleUrldoinoteyear
2001 OnSpectralClusteringAndrew Y. Ng
Michael I. Jordan
Yair Weiss
On Spectral Clustering: Analysis and an AlgorithmAdvances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 14http://ai.stanford.edu/~ang/papers/nips01-spectral.pdf2001