2002 TimelyAndNonIntrusiveDocAnnot

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Subject Headings: Semantic Annotation Task.


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The process of document annotation for the Semantic Web is complex and time consuming, as it requires a great deal of manual annotation. Information extraction from texts (IE) is a technology used by some of the most recent systems for actively supporting users in the process and reducing the burden of annotation. The integration of IE systems in annotation tools is quite a new development and in our opinion there is still the necessity of thinking the impact of the IE system in the process of annotation. In this paper we discuss two main requirements for active annotation: timeliness and tuning of intrusiveness. Then we present and discuss a model of interaction that addresses the two issues and Melita, an annotation framework that implements such methodology.,

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2002 TimelyAndNonIntrusiveDocAnnotFabio Ciravegna
Alexiei Dingli
Daniela Petrelli
Yorick Wilks
Timely and Non-Intrusive Active Document Annotation via Adaptive Information Extractionhttp://ftp.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/Publications/CEUR-WS/Vol-100/Fabio Ciravegna-et-al.pdf