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Subject Headings: Semantic annotation; Sports videos; Highlights detection.


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~ 164 http://scholar.google.com/scholar?cluster=1088619748956184059



  • Automatic semantic annotation of video streams allows both to extract significant clips for production logging and to index video streams for posterity logging. Automatic annotation for production logging is particularly demanding, as it is applied to non-edited video streams and must rely only on visual information. Moreover, annotation must be computed in quasi real-time. In this paper, we present a system that performs automatic annotation of the principal highlights in soccer video, suited for both production and posterity logging. The knowledge of the soccer domain is encoded into a set of finite state machines, each of which models a specific highlight. Highlight detection exploits visual cues that are estimated from the video stream, and particularly, ball motion, the currently framed playfield zone, players’ positions and colors of players’ uniforms. The highlight models are checked against the current observations, using a model checking algorithm. The system has been developed within the EU ASSAVID project.



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2003 SemantAnnotOfSoccerVideosAutoHighlightsIdJürgen Assfalg
Marco Bertini
Carlo Colombo
Alberto Del Bimbo
Walter Nunziati
Semantic Annotation of Soccer Videos: Automatic Highlights IdentificationJournal Computer Vision and Image Understanding - Special isssue on Video Retrieval and Summarization Archive Volume 92 Issuehttp://www.micc.unifi.it/nunziati/files/cviu2003 nunziati.pdf2003