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  • This document defines the "doi" Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme for the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). DOIs are identifiers for entities of significance to the content industries. The "doi" URI scheme allows a resource associated with an entity identified by a DOI to be referenced by a URI for Internet applications. A "doi" URI is dereferenced to a set of service descriptions through discoverable resolution mechanisms.
  • http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-paskin-doi-uri-04#page-5
  • In order to facilitate comparison of "doi" URIs and to reduce the risk of false negatives, normalization to the canonical form should be applied to minimize the amount of software processing for such comparisons.
  • The following normalization steps should be applied:
    • 1. Normalize the case of the leading "doi:" token to be lowercase
    • 2. Unescape all unreserved %-escaped characters
    • 3. Normalize the case of the scheme-specific part including any %-escaped characters to be uppercase
  • The following forms of a "doi" URI
    • 1. DOI:dk/P%C3%A6dagogi%2037(2),%20562
    • 2. doi:DK/P%C3%A6dagogi%2037(2),%20562
    • 3. doi:dk/P%c3%a6dagogi%2037(2),%20562
    • 4. doi:dk/p%c3%a6dagogi%2037(2),%20562
    • 5. doi:dk%2FP%C3%A6dagogi%2037%282%29%2C%20562
  • are normalized to the canonical form
    • doi:DK/P%C3%A6DAGOGI%2037(2),%20562



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2003 TheDoiURISchemeNorman Paskin
Eamonn Neylon
Tony Hammond
Sam Sun
The “doi`` URI Scheme for the Digital Object Identifier (DOI)Internet-Draft: draft-paskin-doi-uri-04http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-paskin-doi-uri-042003