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Subject Headings: Ontology Authoring.


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This paper presents a controlled language for ontology editing and a software implementation, based partly on standard NLP tools, for processing that language and manipulating an ontology. The input sentences are analysed deterministically and compositionally with respect to a given ontology, which the software consults in order to interpret the input's semantics; this allows the user to learn fewer syntactic structures since some of them can be used to refer to either classes or instances, for example. A repeated-measures, task-based evaluation has been carried out in comparison with a well-known ontology editor; our software received favourable results for basic tasks. The paper also discusses work in progress and future plans for developing this language and tool.



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2007 CLOnEControlledLanguageforOntolHamish Cunningham
Valentin Tablan
Kalina Bontcheva
Brian Davis
Siegfried Handschuh
Adam Funk
CLOnE: Controlled Language for Ontology Editing