2007 DARPA Grand Challenge

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A 2007_DARPA Grand Challenge is a DARPA Grand Challenge that took place in 2007.



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    • The third competition of the DARPA Grand Challenge,[1] known as the "Urban Challenge", took place on November 3, 2007 at the site of the now-closed George Air Force Base (currently used as Southern California Logistics Airport), in Victorville, California (Google map).[2] The course involved a Template:Convert urban area course, to be completed in 6 hours. Rules included obeying all traffic regulations while negotiating with other traffic and obstacles and merging into traffic.

      Unlike previous challenges, the 2007 Urban Challenge organizers divided competitors into two "tracks," A and B. All Track A and Track B teams were part of the same competition circuit, but the teams chosen for the Track A program received US $1 million in funding. These 11 teams largely represented major universities and large corporate interests such as CMU teaming with GM as Tartan Racing, Stanford teaming with Volkswagen, Virginia Tech teaming with TORC Technologies as VictorTango, Oshkosh Truck, Honeywell, Raytheon, Caltech, Autonomous Solutions, Cornell, and MIT. One of the few independent entries in Track A was the Golem Group. DARPA has not publicly explained the rationale behind the selection of Track A teams.

      Teams were given maps sparsely charting the waypoints that defined the competition courses. At least one team, Tartan Racing, enhanced the maps through the insertion of additional extrapolated waypoints for improved navigation. A debriefing published by one of the teams illustrates graphically the contrast between the course map it was given by DARPA and the course map used by Tartan Racing.[3]

      Tartan Racing claimed the $2 million prize with their vehicle "Boss", a Chevy Tahoe. The second place finisher earning the $1 million prize was the Stanford Racing Team with their entry "Junior", a 2006 Volkswagen Passat. Coming in third place was team VictorTango, winning the $500,000 prize with their 2005 Ford Escape hybrid, "Odin".[4] MIT placed 4th, with Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania/Lehigh University also completing the course.

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