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Book Overview

This wide-ranging, 100% jargon-free dictionary contains over 2,000 entries on all aspects of statistics, including terms used in computing, mathematics, and probability, as well as biographical information on over 200 key figures in the field, and coverage of statistical journals and societies. Embracing the whole multi-disciplinary spectrum of this complex subject, this superb reference presents information in a clear and practical manner and will prove invaluable for students and professionals from a wide range of disciplines, including economics, politics, market research, medicine, psychology, pharmaceuticals, and mathematics. This revised edition displays recommended web links for many entries, accessible via the Dictionary of Statistics website, which will be regularly updated to ensure the links are fully current, as well as provide helpful additional information. The entries are generously illustrated with useful figures and diagrams, and include worked examples where applicable. Appendices include a historical calendar of important statistical events, lists of statistical and mathematical notation, and statistical tables. Fully updated and revised, The Dictionary of Statistics is an indispensable work of reference for students and professionals in fields related to statistics, and a clear introduction to the subject for the general reader.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Abbreviations in biographies
  • Dictionary
  • Appendices
  • Statistical Notation
  • Mathematical Notation
  • Greek Letters
  • Cumulative Probabilities for the Binomial Distribution
  • Cumulative Probabilities for the Poisson Distribution
  • Upper-Tail Percentage Points for the Standard Normal Distribution
  • The Standard Normal Distribution Function
  • Percentage Points for the t-Distribution
  • Percentage Points for the F-Distribution
  • Percentage Points for the Chi-Squared Distribution
  • Critical Values for Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient
  • Critical Values for Kendall
  • Critical Values for the Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient, r
  • Pseudo-Random Numbers
  • Selected Landmarks in the Development of Statistics
  • Honours and Awards
  • Further Reference,

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2008 ADictionaryOfStatisticsGraham Upton
Ian Cook
A Dictionary of Statisticshttp://books.google.com/books?id=uHYrLAAACAAJ2008