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Rapid growth in the amount of data available on social networking sites has made information retrieval increasingly challenging for users. In this paper, we propose a collaborative filtering method, Combinational Collaborative Filtering (CCF), to perform personalized community recommendations by considering multiple types of co-occurrences in social data at the same time. This filtering method fuses semantic and user information, then applies a hybrid training strategy that combines Gibbs sampling and Expectation-Maximization algorithm. To handle the large-scale dataset, parallel computing is used to speed up the model training. Through an empirical study on the Orkut dataset, we show CCF to be both effective and scalable.



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2008 CombinationalCollaborativeFilteWen-Yen Chen
Dong Zhang
Edward Y. Chang
Combinational Collaborative Filtering for Personalized Community RecommendationKDD-2008 Proceedings10.1145/1401890.14019092008