2008 StochasticsIntroToProbTheoryAndStats

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Subject Headings: Probability Theory, Statistics.



Table of Contents

  • Mathematics and Chance p.1
  • Principles of Modelling Chance p.7
  • Stochastic Standard Models p.26
  • Conditional Probabilities and Independence p.50
  • Expectation and Variance p.90
  • The Law of Large Numbers and the Central Limit Theorem p.117
  • Markov Chains p.149
  • Estimation p.187
  • Around the Normal Distributions p.241
  • Hypothesis Testing p.255
  • Asymptotic Tests and Rank Tests p.283
  • Regression Models and Analysis of Variance p.318

Book Overview

This book is a translation of the third edition of the highly successful German textbook "Stochastik." This new English edition presents the fundamental ideas and results of both probability theory and statistics, and comprises the material of a one-year course. The stochastic concepts, models and methods are motivated by examples and problems and then developed and analysed systematically.,

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2008 StochasticsIntroToProbTheoryAndStatsHans-Otto GeorgiiStochastics: introduction to probability theory and statisticshttp://books.google.com/books?id=ttJ5xpQX2MgC2008