2009 InterimReportfromthePanelChairs

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Subject Headings: AI Forecast.


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The AAAI 2008-09 Presidential Panel on Long-Term AI Futures was organized by the president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) to bring together a group of thoughtful computer scientists to explore and reflect about societal aspects of advances in machine intelligence (computational procedures for automated sensing, learning, reasoning, and decision making). The panelists are leading AI researchers, well known for their significant contributions to AI theory and practice. Although the final report of the panel has not yet been issued, we provide background and high-level summarization of several findings in this interim report.



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2009 InterimReportfromthePanelChairsEric Horvitz
Bart Selman
Interim Report from the Panel Chairs: AAAI Presidential Panel on Long-Term AI Futures2009