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Affinity Propagation, Autonomic Computing, Online Clustering


The Affinity Propagation (AP) clustering algorithm proposed by Frey and Dueck (2007) provides an understandable, nearly optimal summary of a dataset, albeit with quadratic computational complexity. This paper, motivated by Autonomic Computing, extends AP to the data streaming framework. Firstly a hierarchical strategy is used to reduce the complexity to O(N1+e) the distortion loss incurred is analyzed in relation with the dimension of the data items. Secondly, a coupling with a change detection test is used to cope with non-stationary data distribution, and rebuild the model as needed. The presented approach StrAP is applied to the stream of jobs submitted to the EGEE Grid, providing an understandable description of the job flow and enabling the system administrator to spot online some sources of failures.



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2009 TowardAutonomicGridsAnalyzingthXiangliang Zhang
Cyril Furtlehner
Julien Perez
Cecile Germain-Renaud
Michèle Sebag
Toward Autonomic Grids: Analyzing the Job Flow with Affinity StreamingKDD-2009 Proceedings10.1145/1557019.15571262009