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Recent advances in linear classification have shown that for applications such as document classification, the training can be extremely efficient. However, most of the existing training methods are designed by assuming that data can be stored in the computer memory. These methods cannot be easily applied to data larger than the memory capacity due to the random access to the disk. We propose and analyze a block minimization framework for data larger than the memory size. At each step a block of data is loaded from the disk and handled by certain learning methods. We investigate two implementations of the proposed framework for primal and dual SVMs, respectively. As data cannot fit in memory, many design considerations are very different from those for traditional algorithms. Experiments using data sets 20 times larger than the memory demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.



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2010 LargeLinearClassificationWhenDaHsiang-Fu Yu
Cho-Jui Hsieh
Kai-Wei Chang
Chih-Jen Lin
Large Linear Classification When Data Cannot Fit in MemoryKDD-2010 Proceedings10.1145/1835804.18359102010