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Subject Headings: Taxonomy Mapping


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The proliferation of ontologies and taxonomies in many domains increasingly demands the integration of multiple such ontologies to provide a unified view on them. We demonstrate a new automatic approach to merge large taxonomies such as product catalogs or web directories. Our approach is based on an equivalence matching between a source and target taxonomy to merge them. It is target-driven, i.e. it preserves the structure of the target taxonomy as much as possible. Further, we show how the approach can utilize additional relationships between source and target concepts to semantically improve the merge result.



 AuthorvolumeDate ValuetitletypejournaltitleUrldoinoteyear
2011 ATOMAutomaticTargetDrivenOntoloSalvatore Raunich
Erhard Rahm
ATOM: Automatic Target-driven Ontology Merging10.1109/ICDE.2011.57678712011
AuthorSalvatore Raunich + and Erhard Rahm +
doi10.1109/ICDE.2011.5767871 +
titleATOM: Automatic Target-driven Ontology Merging +
year2011 +