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... There's a tool that can help you test whether your deliberate strategy or a new emergent one will be a fruitful approach. It forces you to articulate what assumptions need to be proved true in order for the strategy to succeed. The academics who created this process, Ian MacMillan and Rita McCrath, called it “discovery-driven planning," but it might be easier to think about it as “What has to prove true for this to work?

As simple as it sounds, companies seldom think about whether to purse new opportunities by asking this question. Instead, they often unintentionally stack the deck for failure from the beginning. They make decision to go ahead with an investment based on what initial projections suggest will happen, but then they never actually test whether those initial projection are accurate. So, they can find themselves for down the line, adjusting projections and assumptions to fit what is actually happening, rather than making and testing thoughtful choices before they get too far in. p.53



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