Abstract Reasoning Task

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An Abstract Reasoning Task is a reasoning task that ...



  • (Wikipedia, 2015) ⇒ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAT Retrieved:2015-2-14.
    • … The [SAT] test is intended to assess a student's readiness for college. … According to the College Board, the SAT does not test logic or abstract reasoning. …



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    • QUOTE: … Concrete or abstract thinking was always primed in a purportedly unrelated task before participants … how difficult, interesting, and enjoyable the how/why and lexical decision tasks were. They answered additional questions about the lexical decision task: how well they thought …


  • (Förster et al., 2004) ⇒ Förster, Jens, Ronald S. Friedman, and Nira Liberman. (2004). “Temporal Construal Effects on Abstract and Concrete Thinking: Consequences for Insight and Creative Cognition.” In: Journal of personality and social psychology 87, no. 2
    • QUOTE: … distant behavior to abstract traits versus concrete situations, suggesting that temporal distance affords more abstract reasoning. … In this task, participants mentally extract images of familiar objects (eg, a bird) from intricate … (1976), while working on the SPT and other tasks of this …


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