Biomedical Information Extraction (IE) Task

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A Biomedical Information Extraction (IE) Task is an medical IE task for biomedical information from biomedical literature.




  • (Yang et al., 2009) ⇒ Zhihao Yang, Hongfei Lin, Baodong Wu. (2009). “BioPPIExtractor: A protein–protein interaction extraction system for biomedical literature.” In: Expert Systems with Applications, 36(2):1. doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2007.12.014
    • ABSTRACT: Automatic extracting protein–protein interaction information from biomedical literature can help to build protein relation network, predict protein function and design new drugs. This paper presents a protein–protein interaction extraction system BioPPIExtractor for biomedical literature. This system applies Conditional Random Fields model to tag protein names in biomedical text, then uses a link grammar parser to identify the syntactic roles in sentences and at last extracts complete interactions by analyzing the matching contents of syntactic roles and their linguistically significant combinations. Experimental evaluations with two other state of the art extraction systems indicate that BioPPIExtractor system achieves better performance.



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