Christof Koch

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Christof Koch is a person.






  • (Itti et al., 1998) ⇒ Laurent Itti, Christof Koch, and Ernst Niebur. "A model of saliency-based visual attention for rapid scene analysis." IEEE Transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 20, no. 11 (1998): 1254-1259.


  • (Crick & Koch, 1990) ⇒ Francis Crick, and Christof Koch. "Towards a neurobiological theory of consciousness." (1990). In: Seminars in the Neurosciences, vol. 2, pp. 263-275. Saunders Scientific Publications, 1990.
    • ABSTRACT: Visual awareness is a favorable form of consciousness to study neurobiologically. We propose that it takes two forms: a very fast form, linked to iconic memory, that may be difficult to study; and a somewhat slower one involving visual attention and short-term memory. In the slower form an attentional mechanism transiently binds together all those neurons whose activity relates to the relevant features of a single visual object. We suggest this is done by generating coherent semi-synchronous oscillations, probably in the 40-70 Hz range. These oscillations then activate a transient short-term (working) memory. We outfit several lines of experimental work that might advance the understanding of the neural mechanisms involved. The neural basis of very short-term memory especially needs more experimental study.