Cost-Sensitive Classification Task

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See: Learning Task, Classification Task, Cost Function.



  • (Ling & Sheng., 2011) ⇒ Charles X. Ling; Victor S. Sheng. (2011). “Cost-sensitive Learning.” In: (Sammut & Webb, 2011) p.231
    • QUOTE: Cost-Sensitive Learning is a type of learning that takes the misclassification costs (and possibly other types of cost) into consideration. The goal of this type of learning is to minimize the total cost. The key difference between cost-sensitive learning and cost-insensitive learning is that cost-sensitive learning treats different misclassifications differently. That is, the cost for labeling a positive example as negative can be different from the cost for labeling a negative example as positive. Cost-insensitive learning does not take misclassification costs into consideration.