Creative Intelligence Task

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A Creative Intelligence Task is an intelligence task that ...



  • (Haselton & Miller, 2006) ⇒ Martie G. Haselton, and Geoffrey F. Miller. (2006). “Women’s fertility across the cycle increases the short-term attractiveness of creative intelligence." Human Nature, 17(1).
    • ABSTRACT: Male provisioning ability may have evolved as a “good dad” indicator through sexual selection, whereas male creativity may have evolved partly as a “good genes” indicator. If so, women near peak fertility (midcycle) should prefer creativity over wealth, especially in short-term mating. Forty-one normally cycling women read vignettes describing creative but poor men vs. uncreative but rich men. Women’s estimated fertility predicted their short-term (but not long-term) preference for creativity over wealth, in both their desirability ratings of individual men (r=.40, p<.01) and their forced-choice decisions between men (r=.46, p<.01). These preliminary results are consistent with the view that creativity evolved at least partly as a good genes indicator through mate choice.