DUC-2005 Summarization Task

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A DUC-2005 Summarization Task is a NLP benchmark task that evaluates the performance of topic-focused multi-document text summarization systems.

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1) Inclusion of user/task context information for systems and human summarizers
  • create DUC topics which explicitly reflect the specific interests of potential user in a task context.
  • capture some general user/task preferences in a simple user profile
2) Evaluation of content in terms of more basic units of meaning
3) Better understanding of normal human variability in a summarization task and how it may affect evaluation of summarization systems


  • (DUC, 2005) ⇒ http://www-nlpir.nist.gov/projects/duc/duc2005/
    • QUOTE: The system task in 2005 will be to synthesize from a set of 25-50 documents a brief, well-organized, fluent answer to a need for information that cannot be met by just stating a name, date, quantity, etc. This task will model real-world complex question answering